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I have loved traveling to the Pacific Northwest often since I was a young child, the visits to family, the stunning scenery, and (more recently) the amazing coffee.  This trip was especially meaningful, as my family and I honored my grandfather’s life at my aunt’s home in Oregon.

But first, a visit to my great grandmother at the beach:IMG_2259 IMG_2294 IMG_2276We were surprised with blue skies for our whole trip, and didn’t see a single drop of rain. Lucky for us, not lucky for the continuing drought.IMG_2266IMG_2313 IMG_2300 IMG_2304These are the remains of a whale that had washed up to shore a few weeks earlier. Even though it was a young whale, I found the size of its bones incredible. How does such a creature float?IMG_2299IMG_2314Grandma’s house in the dunesIMG_2322We also managed to squeeze in a visit to Lake Quinault in the rainforest, a first for me.IMG_2352IMG_2316We ate at the lodge and hiked in the afternoon. The rainforest was much cooler than the city, but still quite warm (and no rain).IMG_2354IMG_2327IMG_2392IMG_2390IMG_2383IMG_2358IMG_2337IMG_2326IMG_2347IMG_2397Next, on to Portland, the City of RosesIMG_2400IMG_2399IMG_2408IMG_2407IMG_2404IMG_2409And finally, a brief stop in Seattle to visit my uncle:IMG_2456IMG_2412IMG_2434Days when the mountain is out are my favorite kinds of daysIMG_2416IMG_2438We went down to Pike Place Market to exploreIMG_2440IMG_2443IMG_2448IMG_2447IMG_2417My favorite Mt. Baker lookoutIMG_2424IMG_2436IMG_2472IMG_2437IMG_2470