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This weekend I went on an excursion to Istanbul with two friends. We arrived at midnight after an evening of travel on Thursday and, after checking in at our hostel in the old town, we decided to go on a night time stroll…IMG_0922 IMG_0927 IMG_0932

The city was just as beautiful the next morning as it had been the night before. Our view from breakfast:

No trip to Istanbul would be complete without Turkish Delight and baklava.IMG_0937

I found it very difficult to photograph Istanbul: the crowds were huge and many of the experiences we went for played on senses other than sight (whirling dervish with live music, Turkish tea, hamam…) That being said, of course the camera made it to all the major tourist sights! Look out for words about our other experiences on my other blog.IMG_0945 IMG_0946 IMG_0957 IMG_0959 IMG_0969 IMG_0981 IMG_0983 IMG_1026 IMG_1040 IMG_1063 IMG_1081 IMG_1083 IMG_1092 IMG_1105 IMG_1107 IMG_1111 IMG_1117 IMG_1119 IMG_1142 IMG_1148 IMG_1154 IMG_1155 IMG_1180 IMG_1186 IMG_1221 IMG_1230 IMG_1235 IMG_1236

I’m sure I’ll be back soon, Turkey!