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IMG_8546This weekend my study abroad program offered us the opportunity to visit the island of Andros (‘Ανδρος) for three days.  So I woke up at 5:30 on Friday morning, and led by Modern Greek professor Leda, experienced the beauty of this wonderful Cycladic island. To read stories about this trip, visit my other blog.
IMG_8562 IMG_8607 IMG_8616 IMG_8634

The city of Chora (Χώρα).

Our hotel.IMG_8659


The tomb of the unknown sailor.IMG_8686

Venetian castleIMG_8697 IMG_8710

Orthodox churchIMG_8714 IMG_8717 IMG_8753

Monastery in the mountains of AndrosIMG_8759 IMG_8762

A monk at the monasteryIMG_8769 IMG_8790 IMG_8839 IMG_8848 IMG_8895

Foros caveIMG_8931 IMG_8953

The Olive Museum
IMG_9006Goodbye, Andros, until we meet again!