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One of my biggest inspirations is the animator Hayao Miyazaki. What I love so much about his movies is that he creates beautiful worlds for each story. Each world he creates has so much depth and is so beautifully rendered I wish I could step into each one of them and vacation there for a while. Since that isn’t possible, I decided to go on a Miyazaki-inspired photoshoot this afternoon. Some of the pictures I included in this set are from earlier this summer, but they fit so well I had to include them. While some of these places look like they could be straight out of a Miyazaki film, some of them simply instilled a sense of mystery in me and made me wonder what kinds of hidden worlds are out there…IMG_6654

This house made me think of the little town from Howl’s Moving Castle.


This little scene also reminds me of Howl’s Moving Castle (which may or may not be my all-time favorite Miyazaki movie). It’s kind of how I picture the view of the courtyard from Sophie’s house crossed with Howl’s garden.


I ran into some baby deer in my neighbor’s back yard and wondered if they were baby forest spirits in disguise. (From one of Miyazaki’s most well-known films, Princess Mononoke. Also a favorite of mine.)


This shot of the library on Coventry makes me think of Kiki’s house. (Actually it made me think of a different house from the same movie, but this works too!)


I’m picturing Arrietty climbing around in this cabinet while I sleep.



I wonder if any soot sprites live in this hole.

IMG_7168Finally, something about my neighbor’s garage is so Totoro, I have to wonder if it’s haunted ;)

Also, I now have a second blog: annasodyssey.wordpress.com where I will be documenting my upcoming semester abroad in Greece. I will still post pictures here, but if you’re interested in a wordier blog about my experiences in Athens, be sure to check it out!