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I’m incredibly lucky to be dating someone who puts up with my constant need for adventure. Instead of going out for a nice dinner and a movie in Wooster (which would have been nice too. But boring.) we decided to take a trip to Columbus. Neither of us have really done much exploring in Columbus so it was a fun time. I didn’t take as many photos as I normally would, but here are a few:

This is the Supreme Court of Ohio (thanks, Google) but it’s got nothing on the Wooster courthouse.IMG_6860


We had heard about the Book Loft in German Village, it’s claim to fame is 32 rooms of books. I didn’t count, but we did get lost. This would definitely be my hangout if I lived in the neighborhood.IMG_6866

Peter inside of the Book Loft. (He’s not a huge reader, but even he got excited by the huge selection.)IMG_6867

A cool drink at Starbucks before dinner (which I did not take pictures of, but we grabbed sandwiches at Belle’s Bread and did some shopping at Tensuke Market. I recommend both, mostly because there aren’t any Japanese markets in Wooster or Cleveland so I was really excited to find a few things.)IMG_6871