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IMG_0884In Cleveland where we are lucky enough to get one sunny, 50-degree day every few weeks, it still mostly feels like winter. As I’m home for spring break, I went out to look for places around town that actually feel like spring. The picture above was taken at the Rainforest portion of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo but the rest of the pictures were taken at a new discovery of mine–the Rockefeller Park Greenhouse.

IMG_0925This beautiful, indoor, well-heated part of the Rockefeller Parks on Martin Luther King Drive is free and GORGEOUS.

IMG_0928The park was founded in 1902 on land donated by John D. Rockefeller to the city of Cleveland and remains quirky and old-fashioned to this day.




IMG_0960My favorite room is the “desert” room, an especially warm sectioned-off corner of the greenhouse with odd varieties of cacti ranging from tiny ones with hair-like spines to huge saguaros. (At least, bigger than we’re used to seeing around these parts ;)

IMG_0966 IMG_0981 IMG_0978

IMG_1006Whoever decorated this greenhouse, I want them to decorate my home! (Hint: it wasn’t that guy ^)


IMG_1022I love this fountain that looks like a face.

If you’re in Cleveland, definitely check this hidden gem out. I’ll definitely be going back to warm up and enjoy the colorful plants during future winter visits!