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Today was the nicest day so far this year in Ohio, a beautiful 50-degrees-fahrenheit-with-sun morning, with a little more cloud this afternoon. It was the perfect day for a walk around Wooster, and I did just that, wandering a whole 3 miles away from campus to Secrest Arboretum. This is a much-forgotten gem in Wooster, but I love how peaceful it is and it’s become one of my favorite spots.


I didn’t have to wander for very long to find color–this wonderfully bright and eclectic house is about 6 blocks away from my dorm, and is surrounded by some really beautiful historic houses. I wish I could have taken more pictures of the garden, but alas, most was beyond the gate and I couldn’t get any really good shots. It was just as eclectic as the house though!


Sandwiched between a Super 8 and a campsite I found this little river running below the highway. It looks like it would have been a peaceful place to wander before the hotel went up.


The entrance to the arboretum. Even though it’s a research center now, the original farmhouses from its foundation are still around.


Remnants of fall made for some bright pops of color.


This must be beautiful in spring and summer–I can’t wait to come back.


Oh hello, what are you doing in Ohio?


I love the vibrancy of this plant, but I don’t remember what it’s called. I want 12.


Not the most colorful picture, but I love the symmetry of the trees at the arboretum.


This reminds me of the tiny shrines to shinto gods in the movie Spirited Away.





Little signs of life.


I love these tiny blue berries–the delicate color is to-die-for.

It looks like we’ll have another few days of bitter coldness coming up, but then maybe spring? I know I’m rooting for spring, along with other Ohioans fed up with this long, brutal winter.