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Since I haven’t posted in -ahem- almost a year (oops), I’ve decided to challenge myself during the month of November.  Previously, my November challenge has been National Novel Writing Month, but considering the amount of schoolwork I need to get done before the end of the semester, I’m going for a change of pace.  So, for thirty days, I will do my utmost to post one photo EVERY day, starting next Friday, November 1st.

Here are the rules I will be following:

  1. One photo every day, for thirty days, November 1-November 30
  2. No selfies as much as we all love taking pictures of ourselves
  3. Photo may be a previously taken photo, as long as it was taken during the month of November
  4. Finally, no iPhone pictures–I will be using my Canon S95.

Anyone is welcome to join me–I’d love some company and I’d love to see what others would do with this.  I am looking forward to seeing what this challenge does for my creativity during what has, in the past, been a tricky time of year for me to photograph.

Let the creativity begin!

Bonus picture of a farm cat to apologize for my absence: