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The time of year has come when high school seniors make one of the most important choices of the year–where we will be spending the next several years of our lives.  For most, this is a fun, if somewhat stressful, decision to make, involving visiting classes, meeting students, and spending the night at prospective universities.

My personal choice came down to two very good, very different schools: Case Western Reserve University in my hometown, Cleveland, Ohio, and the College of Wooster, about an hour south of Cleveland in Wooster, Ohio.  I visited both, and had the opportunity to take lots of photos at both locations!

The College of Wooster’s iconic Kauke Hall

The arch of Kauke Hall

Haydn Hall at Case Western Reserve University

The Peter B. Lewis Building at Case

Not only is the architecture of both campuses varied and beautiful, the details I found just in the hour or so I had to explore each campus were nice surprises and made me excited to explore more this fall.

Case has the added benefit of being located in Cleveland’s University Circle neighborhood, home of the Cleveland Orchestra

…and the Cleveland Museum of Art

…and this goose! Among other things.

Despite this, I chose to venture outside of my comfort zone and will be studying at the College of Wooster this fall!

Mostly because I couldn’t resist its charm :)

I’m looking forward to blogging about my ice cream, farm land, and academic adventures this fall!