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What do teenagers do to occupy themselves over spring break? Visit cemeteries, of course!

Lucky as I am to live in Cleveland, I have access to the beautiful Lake View Cemetery, and went on an excursion today with my Dutch friend, Melinda.

We walked to the cemetery after a quick lunch, and, although she was somewhat skeptical of my descriptions of the gorgeousness of the place, she was immediately overwhelmed by its beauty when we entered.

It was a wonderfully sunny afternoon, warmish for April, and we found delicious minglings of life and death, color and colorlessness, joy and sorrow in every corner.

The detail is intricate and delightful–a little like life.

Angels watch over our every move here.





Winged lions stand guard at one grave.

And, of course, we had to visit the Grant Memorial–how could I think of passing up showing off an American president’s grave to my Dutch friend?


President Grant, looking very presidential.

After some stairs, a great view of President Grant’s ceiling…

…and our beautiful city!

Finally, the President Himself.

Summary of Lessons Learned at Lake View Cemetery.

Overall, it was a lovely afternoon. I strongly recommend a visit to Lake View Cemetery to anyone visiting the Cleveland area!